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We understand how important it is that your vehicle remains safe and in good working order. The reality is that at some point, most vehicles will require repair. Our Vehicle Protection Plans provide flexible coverage options that allow you to plan ahead against future breakdowns and unexpected repairs.

Offered through automotive dealerships across the country, these plans provide you with added protection for issues that the original manufacturer’s warranty might not cover, and for a longer period of time.

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​Our optional extended warranty programs are available for both new and used vehicles and the specific coverages vary from plan to plan. For the most part, these plans provide bumper-to-bumper coverage on things like the engine and transmission assemblies and the electrical and fuel system of your vehicle. Many of our plans also come with zero deductible options. To determine what specific coverages are included in your plan, please refer to the Terms and Conditions you received with the plan purchase.

Our programs also offer a wide array of optional coverages to further protect your vehicle over the time you intend to use it. Some of these services include: protection against road hazard damage to tires, interior upholstery protection, and a pre-paid vehicle maintenance program.

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Our optional creditor insurance programs are a popular choice for many new car buyers who are taking out a loan or leasing a new automobile purchase. Coverages can include: loss of life, involuntary job loss, disability and dismemberment. If the unexpected happens, these policies work to lessen debt obligations by making your monthly payments or, in some cases, pay off your entire insured balance.


What is a vehicle service contract?
A vehicle service contract supplements the manufacturer’s warranty in some areas and extends it in others. It helps protect vehicle owners from the high cost of repair bills and provides a range of additional benefits and services.

Why do I need a vehicle service contract?
The reality is that most vehicles will require some kind of mechanical repair at some point. A vehicle service contract is a smart way to plan ahead for future breakdowns and unexpected repairs.

How do I file a claim?
Filing a claim is easy! Just contact the dealership where you purchased your plan or service contract from and they will provide you with instructions. If you have additional questions please contact us by clicking the contact button above and filling out the form.

How can I get a new copy of my Terms and Conditions?
Please contact the dealership where you purchased your plan or service contract from to request a new copy of your Terms and Conditions.