Pre-Funded Funeral Insurance

Losing a loved one is a difficult and emotional time. Families most often have to make many decisions and do a lot of planning in a short and stressful period. Our pre-funded funeral insurance solutions help individuals arrange and plan their funeral, burial or cremation in advance so that families don’t have to. Funeral pre-planning is a practical and important process to ease the stress and financial burden on families and to ensure that final wishes are carried out.

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preneed solutions

Our preneed products help individuals plan final arrangements and protect their families from the financial burden of a funeral, burial or cremation. As a registered Eligible Funeral Arrangement (EFA), a preneed policy accumulates tax-free interest over the life of the policy and the death benefit proceeds used to fund funeral or cemetery services may be tax-free.

Final expense solutions

Our final expense products are a gift to your family—allowing you to set money aside to pay for final arrangements as well as final bills, credit cards or debts that you may leave behind.

worldwide travel insurance plan

​Coupled with a preneed policy, this plan takes care of many issues if death occurs while travelling. If a death should occur while out of the country or even just out of town, returning a deceased to their home can be an expensive and complicated process. The Travel Plan is designed to take care of these details and associated costs.

final documents service and identity theft restoration services

These additional services assist families in the accurate and timely processing of necessary forms and documents after the passing of a loved one. This professional and convenient service assists families with estate documentation during a difficult time, speeding up the process of claims, securing closure and helping to maximize government and corporate benefits.