Vehicle Protection Services

For customers who purchase a vehicle, their post-purchase experience has a big impact on whether or not they’ll buy from the same dealership again. Our vehicle protection programs help our auto channel partners provide their customers with innovative solutions that generate revenue-producing financial products and services.

Based on the depth of information we gather with all the programs we have managed over the years, we can provide our partners with key insights and greater visibility into their customer’s entire post-sale experience. This information can help manufacturers, dealers and third-party administrators offer improved solutions with lower risk, higher volume and superior customer satisfaction.

vehicle service contracts

Our optional extended warranty programs are available for both new and used vehicles and the specific coverages vary from plan to plan. For the most part, these plans provide bumper-to-bumper coverage on components ranging from the engine and transmission assemblies to the electrical and fuel systems. Many of our plans also come with zero deductible options.

Many of our programs also offer a wide array of optional coverages to further protect your customer’s vehicle from the passage of time. Some of these services include: protection against road hazard damage to tires, interior upholstery protection and a pre-paid vehicle maintenance program, to name a few. Assurant customizes each vehicle service contract program to meet the specific business and plan objectives of our valued partners.

creditor insurance programs

Let your customers know that their car loan or lease payments can be protected if the unexpected happens. Typical coverages include: loss of life, involuntary job loss, disability and dismemberment. If the unexpected happens, these policies work to lessen the debt obligations of your customers by making their monthly payments or, in some cases, paying off their entire insured balance.