Mobile Protection

A mobile device user’s priority is to stay connected and ensure their data is safe. At Assurant Solutions, our experience and strong commitment to research and analysis gives us a good understanding of the Canadian mobile customer and a clear vision of where the industry is going.

Our solutions offer your customers a simple, hassle-free experience with minimal downtime, and self-service tools that make it easy to find the information they need, when they need it. Whether your customers are looking for coverage for the unexpected, help in locating a lost device, or technical support to troubleshoot device issues, we’ve got them covered.

mobile protection programs

As mobile devices have become more indispensable, the need to protect them from unexpected events has become paramount. When the worst happens, your customers want to know that their mobile device may be protected.

Whether your organization is looking to generate new revenue streams by introducing a mobile device protection plan, or you’re simply looking to enhance your existing program, Assurant is ideally positioned to design a customized program for you. Give your customers access to a program that offers complete protection for their device - including mechanical breakdown, accidental damage, loss and theft - all backed by a fully managed repair and logistics process. As an extended warranty provider that operates both an administration company as well as an insurance arm, all in-house, our solutions are also fully supported from a risk perspective.

digital identity protection

For many mobile device users, losing their device is like losing a part of themselves. It creates heart-stopping panic as they think of all the information stored on their device that could now be compromised. With Digital Identity Protection, you can offer your customers an easy way to ease this panic with the ability to lock, locate and back up their device. They’ll also feel secure knowing their data is protected.

technical support

The smarter mobile devices become, the harder it can be to figure out what the issue is when a problem occurs. Your customers can have access to both web-based and app-based support solutions, as well as the option to reach out directly to our customer service agents for support.