Assurant Solutions for Business

We take our position as leaders in the industries we serve seriously. Our approach is simple yet effective: we build customized solutions that assist Canadians in maintaining their ideal lifestyle, while enhancing the overall integrity of your brand value proposition.

This philosophy is deeply rooted in our belief that customers come first. Our products and services are developed with them in mind. We make them easy to understand and use, and ensure that they are seamlessly integrated into your core brands. This customer-centric approach is embraced by every facet of our business, supporting the programs you have in the market.

Extended protection

Whether it’s the latest flat-screen, appliance or gadget for the home, Assurant Solutions provides customized extended protection plans that work to enhance the overall ownership experience for these everyday products. Our comprehensive plans are structured to provide an added layer of protection not included in the original manufacturer’s warranty.

As a result, your customers can enjoy the products they buy in the way they were intended to be used, and for a longer period of time. This level of post-purchase satisfaction and support keeps your customers happy with both the products you sell and your brand, helping you to grow your business.

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Mobile protection

We work with mobile providers, retailers, and financial institutions to offer innovative solutions for the mobile device user. We understand that their first priority is to stay connected and ensure that their data is safe. Our comprehensive mobile protection solutions address these needs with an innovative approach to product delivery and customer service that will not only keep customers loyal, but enhance your overall relationship with them.

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Financial protection

In today’s cashless society, paying for our purchases with any one of a number of lending products available to us is the norm. From credit cards and personal loans to mortgages and lines of credit, individuals are utilizing these lending vehicles more than ever before.

Assurant Solutions provides a wide array of credit insurance products that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our financial institution partners. Our solutions are market-tested and comply with the regulatory environment to ensure optimal value for the end customer, while providing innovative financial structures for our bank, retailer and credit union partners. Financial protection services can be offered as an optional product or inclusive benefit, and are designed to complement and enhance the core lending products you provide to your customer base.

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home services and protection

Assurant develops unique protection plans that cover major home systems, appliances and gadgets through all stages of ownership.

This unique product offering, often complemented by auxiliary technical support and installation services, provides Canadian homeowners with a comprehensive protection package for the critical components of their home. This product can be sold on its own or is also ideally positioned as a perfect complement to a mortgage or refinancing sales opportunity.

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vehicle protection

We have been supporting Canadian auto manufacturers, dealers and third-party administrators with highly customizable vehicle service protection products for decades now.

Our solutions range from vehicle financing credit insurance programs to extended service contracts and ancillary services. Our extensive administrative and underwriting expertise delivers a profitable, growing protection program and enables us to shed more light on your customer’s experience long after the original car sale.

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pre-funded funeral insurance

While we can’t plan for everything in our lives, Assurant Solutions is helping Canadians proactively plan their final arrangements. Our Pre-Funded Funeral Insurance products help individuals arrange and fund their own funeral, burial or cremation in advance, easing the burden on those left behind. We partner with funeral homes and organizations to provide expertise and a deep understanding of the industry in product offering, marketing and administration.

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