Extended Protection

As Canada’s largest outsourced extended warranty provider with over 20 years of experience, we’ve learned a few things about what the Canadian consumer wants from a plan. We use consumer insights to continually improve product offerings, allowing you to connect with your customer in a positive way beyond the point-of-sale. As the products we buy become more complex, so do the needs of the consumer – we get that.

Our extended protection solutions are geared towards ensuring that your customer’s post-purchase experience is a positive one, and is consistent with your overall brand promise. We manage a national network of qualified service technicians, supported by our in-house fully bilingual call centre, to support all of your customer’s plan-related needs.

Our approach to partnership is simple, flexible and transparent. We are able to customize a program for you so that it is specifically tailored to meet your customer’s needs, as well as complement your overall sales culture. We will work with you to continually optimize the offering to ensure that it remains compliant, profitable and consistently meets our promise to provide value to your customers.

Assurant Solutions has the expertise and experience to consistently deliver successful programs to your customers. We provide the full spectrum of services associated with running an extended protection program, including underwriting, administration, field sales support, and online and point-of-sale marketing optimization.

Looking for an innovative way to reach out to your customers by expanding on your core service offering? We can help.

consumer electronics

This category continues to expand as innovations in technology take our everyday gadgets to new levels of sophistication and complexity. Downtime is not an option for today’s customers, so we’re constantly evolving our overall support network to meet these changing needs.

Our goal is to ensure that your customers continue to enjoy their products without missing a beat with a program that creates a worry-free experience.

household appliances & kitchen gadgets

Our experience and expertise in managing appliance protection programs allows us to use all the data and consumer insights we’ve collected over the years to maximize the performance of your protection plans while providing a consistent, hassle-free experience for your customers.

Our service network is equipped to support all brands, including higher-end luxury models. We have designed plans that not only cover the appliances but also offer value added services like food spoilage benefits when a fridge needs repair.

household tools & outdoor equipment

Whether it’s a lawn mower, snow blower or power drill, we develop repair and replacement programs that will work with your business model to offer a compelling service for your customers.

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