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  Assurant Argentina Compañía de Seguros S.A. Privacy Policy

Assurant Argentina Compañía de Seguros S.A. ("Assurant") provides insurance, service contracts and membership products. Our products are offered through other companies and our agents (jointly the "related intermediaries"). These other companies may be banks; finance companies; retailers; utilities; automobile dealers; manufactured housing and mortgage companies.

Your trust is our most valuable asset. We safeguard that trust by keeping your non-public personal information or personally identifiable information (called "data" herein) in a secure environment. We go by the terms stated in this Privacy Policy to use, collect, share or disclose such data.

This is not a solicitation. You do not need to respond. If you have asked not to be solicited, that request is still in effect. You do not need to contact us again.

This Privacy Policy gives you examples of the types of data we collect, use, share or disclose; and the kind of companies with whom we share such data. These examples serve only to illustrate; they should not be considered all of the data we may collect, use or share.

Below is our privacy pledge to you:

Information We May Collect
We may collect the following data about you:

  • Data we receive from you when you enroll, request a service, or file a claim on one of our websites, such as name, address, contract number, credit card issuer and account number, personal identification number, e-mail address, service contract information and claim information.
  • Data about your transactions with our company, subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies, and/or related intermediaries; this could be your name, address, telephone number, age, credit card use, insurance coverage, transaction history, claims history and premiums.
  • In some cases, data concerning your visits to our Internet web sites and may include session number and user ID. You should review the legal notice, terms of use, site agreement or similar named link appearing on any of our websites that you visit. These documents will inform you of any "cookies" utilized by us or the nature of any personal information that will be collected from you.

Assurant, its subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies and/or related intermediaries do not collect any personal data unless voluntarily provided by you or as allowed by applicable laws in force. Therefore you acknowledge that you are offering your personal data voluntarily and that such information is true and correct. If you choose not to consent, you may inform us at any time sending an e-mail to the following address, thus, we will stop using your data and the same will be removed from our database.

Accessing, correcting, removing, or updating personal data.

Upon receiving your written request, Assurant, its subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies and/or related intermediaries shall provide you any classified personal data about you, according to the provisions of local laws on protection of personal data protection. The right of access to personal data may be exercised by the interested party free of charge as long as such information is requested no more than once every six months, unless a legitimate interest to do otherwise is evidenced. If any piece of information is incorrect, or you wish to update or remove any of them, we will correct, update or remove such information at no cost whatsoever for you. For that purpose, please send an e-mail to stating in the subject field "Inform", "Modify", "Remove" and/or "Update" as appropriate, together with the object of your request. Alternatively, you may contact:

Assurant Argentina Compañía de Seguros S.A.
Av. Paseo Colón N° 221-9° Piso C1063ACC,
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: 5411.4121.8666
Fax: 5411.4343.8384

Any data provided by you shall be used in the course of our relation with our clients or potential clients in order to deliver products and services to you, facilitate queries management, process requests or grant access to specific information or promotions. We may also use your personal data to contact you regarding promotions to offer you our other products and services we think may be in the furtherance of your eventual commercial interests. We may disclose all of the data we collect as described above to companies that perform marketing services on our behalf, or with whom we have joint marketing agreements. In this regard, the visitor of the site authorizes Assurant to share any personal data provided with its subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies.

Data Disclosure

Assurant shall not disclose your personal data and does not authorize any of its subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies or related intermediaries to do so, unless such disclosure (i) is necessary for providing customer assistance or handling claims, (ii) is requested pursuant to any law or regulation in force or by any governmental or judicial authority (iii) is necessary to file or pursue any claim or to seek judicial redress and (iv) is necessary to prevent frauds or maintain software. Given the technical nature of some of the tasks involved, it is possible that the data be shared with third parties other than Assurant subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies, even though Assurant requires, however, that those with whom we disclose or share your data abide by our Privacy Policy when dealing with your data.

Our Security Procedures

We restrict access to data about you to those employees whom we know have a valid business purpose to have access to such data to provide products or services to you. We use security techniques that protect your data. We provide training and communications programs to our employees. These programs educate them on the meaning and requirements of our strict standards for data security and confidentiality. We require those who provide services for us and to whom we provide your data to abide by the same security restrictions

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. If we make material changes, we will provide current customers a new notice that describes our new practices and will post it on our Internet websites.

We may collect personal information from persons other than the individual or individuals proposed for coverage. Personal information as well as other personal or privileged information subsequently collected by us may in certain circumstances be disclosed to a third party without your authorization. You have the right to access and correct all personal information collected. A more complete Notice of Insurance Information Practices will be furnished to you upon request.

 Contact Information
Assurant Argentina Compañía de Seguros Sociedad Anónima
Ing. Enrique Butty 240 Piso 15.
Capital Federal.
CP: C1001AFB
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Telephone: (5411) 4121-8666
Business Offices: (5411) 4121-8666
Customer Service: 0810-222-8400
FAX: (5411) 4343-8384
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